About Ugly Apples

Historic Kilmarnock Orchard is in a state of transition. The 2017 season marks the first growing season for the orchard on its road to becoming a certified organic orchard and cidery. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer Pick-Your-Own for the 2017 season. We do have freshly picked, holistically grown apples in the cooler. Please check the “What is Ripe?” section of our website.

Our approx. 26 varieties of apples are sprayed with Kaolin Clay, sourced from Mother Nature, to make the orchard a bad hostess for bugs. Imagine having dust in your bed when you’re trying to get comfortable. The bugs go lay their eggs where the environment is more inviting. The use of Kaolin Clay is an organic management practice that offers an alternative from spraying insecticides. You will need to wash the white residue off your apples.

Where to Find Us

Kilmarnock Orchard
1182 Kilmarnock Road
Jasper, Ontario Canada


What's Ripe

Our first season's apples are now ready!

We currently have apples available in pre-picked bags of mixed varieties. So come on out to the Orchard and try our apples!